Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I need a cat scratcher the dulls the nails of my cat???any suggestions ?

can not take her to the vet she stresses when they clipp her nails and they want to sedate her!!!! nope so I need help in finding a scratcher that also dulls the nailsI need a cat scratcher the dulls the nails of my cat???any suggestions ?
There are a lot of cat scratchers out there, but the trick is finding one she will use. Scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope work very well, but I've never had a cat use one, and I've had over a dozen cats. I've had several that liked the corrugated cardboard scratching boxes. But if your vet is gentle, then having her sedated and clipping her nails will be a good thing.I need a cat scratcher the dulls the nails of my cat???any suggestions ?
Anything made of sandpaper.

There is a plastic nail covering that the vet can put over the cats nails (no clipping) that will give a dull end that will not hurt when applied and will not let the cat leave scratch marks on people or furniture,
trick is to trim kitty's nails, i've done this with my cats that have claws and they don't seem to mind terribly once i get started...i'm always gentle and don't trim over much infact mostly just to get the pointy part off works just fine.
Cat scratchers don't dull nails, they just feel good to the kitty because it helps shed the dead nail.

When your kitty is sleeping, gently play with her paws. Rub between her toes. Some cats love that and actually spread their toes. Must be like a foot massage. Gradually work to extend the claws, but don't clip until she is comfortable with your handling her paws. Only then, clip just one claw and praise and pet her. Do this every so often until you can actually do all of them at one sitting.
Try to cut one nail a day,only the see thew part or file one a day yourself,or buy those plastic cover that go right over the nail,but never declaw,i haven't herd of anything that will file a cats nails down you might be on to something there,like a scratching slash filing board they could do themselves.....Great idea.......:) I'd buy one
Go to a pet store and get a pair of dog nail clippers - or cat if they sell them. DO NOT USE THE KIND FOR HUMANS, IT CRUSHES THEIR NAILS, AND WILL CAUSE BLEEDING.

All you need to do is restrain her, and clip away the white part, and the white part only, if you clip any pink she'll start to bleed.
Scratching posts do not dull the nails of a cat. There's no such thing. Cats claw to get rid of the outer sheath of the nail to make it sharper. The only way to take the bite out of the nail is to clip it. I would use a towel to wrap your cat in. Hold her down between your legs and use a human nail clipper to clip the ends of her claws. You can do one foot at a time if she gets really upset. Be careful not to clip into the pink part of the nail. That's the quick and it will bleed, not to mention the pain it will cause. If you are gentle she will become accustomed to getting her nails clipped this way.

Good luck.
It wouldn't harm your cat to be mildly sedated for a nail trim. But how hard have you really tried to trim them yourself? Have a friend help you. Get a towel or blanket and wrap the cat up - one person holding the cat, the other trimming the nails. I've had cats for over 20 years and volunteers with shelters for nearly as long and have yet to come across a cat whose nails we couldn't clip. Even if you only get one paw per session - that's what I do with one of my Persians who gets rather pissy when I clip his.

And sorry - there's no alternative to clipping the nails.
scratching posts do the exact opposite of dulling kitty nails, you will have to either clip them yourself or take her to a groomer or vet. I would try first just messing with her paws and pushing gently to extend the claws, after a session give her kitty treats so she realizes that messing with paws = good things , when she is OK with you messing with her paws bring out the clippers and try them ( do not cut into the pink) when she starts to get fussy let her go and give her treats , you should be clipping nails in no time = )

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